Lingua idea is the result of the work on a small website: iVerb. iVerb was really a prototype for some technology of a big website dedicated to free software and Linux: Linux Certif but it also raise some really interesting problems about learning and languages.

After a year of work on Linux Certif, the idea of lingua was too attractive to be given up. A first prototype was created in June, 2007 to test the learning model, and it was very successful.

After the consolidation of Linux Certif, a non-test version of Lingua has began in parallel with Linux Certif and with the same code base.

Now Lingua is a fully independent project, developed with Linux Certif when possible. The aim is now to improve the model to have one of the best solution for some problems of human learning.

Lingua Team

For the moment, there is me, Benjamin Poulain behind the keyboard.

For the hosting, there are two wonderful administrators: Bertrand Josse (also responsible of the infrastructure monitoring) and BenoƮt Wallecan.

And there is a lot of tester, too many to cite them all. Soon we'll need translators to translate the whole website to French, and then to other languages. If you have some experience on translating free software, you are invited to come to the forum to explain how a translation team works.