Update: OpenID, bug fixes and a simpler audio list for English


18/04/2011 17:33

And one more update :)

This week, the big change is the integration of OpenID for signing in. OpenID is a standard for authentication, allowing this site to authenticate you from an other system.

This is really cool, because it means you no longer have to create an account on Lingua to use the site, you can just use the login you have on other systems like Yahoo! or Google.

I invite you to click on Login above to try it. There are shortcuts for Yahoo! and Google, you just have to click on the icons to start the login process on those websites.

Apart from OpenID, I made an update for the content. There is a new audio list for British English: http://lingua.ikipou.com/audio_list/24sp/
This lists is a simplified version of the complete British English one.

Finally, I spent some times fixing various bugs:
-some forms could appear in the wrong language (English/French)
-the last page of the audio lists could be empty
-problem with sending mails when registering to the website
-the cache could get out of sync for audio lists

There will be no other update for some times. I will be traveling for work, and I will try to fix some WebKit issues if I have any spare time after work.

In the meantime, I would really appreciate if you could drop a comment about the website on http://lingua.ikipou.com/forum/topic_11/ :)