Learn vocabulary

Lingua helps you to learn new languages more quickly and effectively.

In the learning of a new language, the first step is the more difficult. There is a number of barriers to pass before starting to understand the language: vocabulary, grammar, etc. Lingua helps you to pass through the difficulty of vocabulary by providing training to understand the meaning of words.

How it works

Lingua provides lists of vocabulary and pronunciation you can learn.

When you learn a vocabulary list, you are presented with words from the list, and you give the translation.

When you learn a pronunciation list, sounds are played one at the time, and you write what the word you hear.

People learn at different speed and Lingua works at your speed. If you learn quickly, new words are introduced rapidly. If you need time, the words are presented multiple times to help you learn them. You just do your best, the engine adapts itself to your speed.

Freedom of choice

On Lingua, you choose what you want to learn. There are numerous lists available and you can choose the words you prefer to learn.

You can write your own lists. It is particularly useful for students who have to learn lists of vocabulary. You write the list on the website, and you can learn it directly. It is also valuable to strengthen vocabulary knowledge if you create lists with all new words you are presented in everyday life.